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Overwatch Inspired Outfits (Part 1)

Need a hero look? Are you tired of looking boring in civilian clothes? Are you obsessed with Overwatch and can’t get enough of it during the day?

If you answered YES! to one of these questions, this collection of Overwatch inspired outfits might be perfect for you…

As a little girl I always chose videogame characters based on their cuteness. It would always be Princess Peach in Mario Kart, Chun-Li in Street fighter and always the prettiest pink Pokémon in my team. Of course, with time I’ve learned that it’s not fair to dismiss ugly or unstylish characters since true power comes from within. It’s also so much fun to kick someone in the face with Dhalsim.

Even though my taste in videogame characters has changed (-a little-), there’s still a special place in my heart for cute designs, nifty outfits and cool backstories. That’s why when I got Overwatch it was so difficult to stop staring at the characters and actually play the game (so many skins to look at!).

This post is dedicated to those like me, with a special appreciation for character design and cool outfits.


“Heroes never die.” Mercy is a medic and scientist, therefore one of the coolest characters. This outfit was inspired by Mercy’s Valkyrie suit, with winged accessories and a chic white coat. It might be missing a skirt but that’s just to embrace the videogame character look. Purple eyeshadows add an extra mature touch to achieve Mercy’s sophisticated appearance.

Mercy Overwatch Inspired Outfit

image credit: blizzard


Tracer’s outfit is a mix between a pilot and a runner. She’s young and playful so I pictured her real-life outfit comfortable and somewhat stylish. Bright running leggings and sneakers combined with a leather jacket (with patches) was my pick. Also, a pixie haircut to fully pull it off.

Tracer Overwatch Inspired Outfit

image credit: blizzard


Pharah’s style is polished (literally) and rather elegant. She also seems proud about her Egyptian roots. I decided to go with a blue jumpsuit accessorized with gold Horus themed jewelry. Black eyeliner in Horus style and ready to make justice rain from above.

Pharah Overwatch Inspired Outfit

image credit: blizzard


I think Mei might be wearing more layers than these. I gave her a big jacket and Uggs since that’s basically what she wears in the game. I also added two more layers of clothes: a cozy sweater and a t-shirt from a climate safety organization (350). Mei thinks our world is worth fighting for and she fights to preserve the environment. She also seems like a friendly girl and wears a pretty hair piece.

Mei Overwatch Inspired Outfit

image credit: blizzard

You can also check the outfits on Polyvore if you want more info. I wish I could get Mercy’s whole look! Do you have a favorite Overwatch outfit? 🙂

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  2. Sadie

    I missed this post. I now see you did not skip Tracer. 🙂

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