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JuneFavorite_wrecked hearts

Monthly Favorites – June 16

It’s the last day of June already… Which means I’ve officially been blogging for 1 month! *throws confetti in the air*.

Here are my favorite things from this month.

Elsa Mini Funko

This mini figure came in a Disney Princess mystery box. I was so glad when I got Elsa! I might get another one to try my luck, I would like to get Merida or Anna. I’ve heard there are Hot Topic and Walgreens exclusives too, featuring different princesses (like Rapunzel!). Gotta catch them all.
JuneFavorite_Elsa Mini Funko

Wrecked Hearts

by Mathilde Kitteh & Luca Oliveri. This comic is a combination of two Sci-fi Dark Shojo stories set in space. I thought the main story -a tiny journalist who visits an interstellar greenhouse- was really cute and I instantly fell in love with the characters. It was a quick read but very enjoyable. I really liked the art style too, reminds me of old anime.

JuneFavorite_wrecked hearts

Noble, My Love

The latest Korean drama I watched on Netflix. Even though the plot is NOT ORIGINAL at all – a poor and hard-working girl falls in love with a rich and lonely CEO -, I gave it a chance because the (20) episodes are just 15 minutes long. I think it was worth watching because of the main character, Yoon-seo, who is a funny 30 year old veterinarian that never had a boyfriend. I laughed a lot while watching it and it was a very nice way to relax during the weekend.
JuneFavorite_Noble My Love

Star Wars – The Force Awakens Soundtrack Vinyl

Besides being a great soundtrack, this vinyl surprised me with a 3D hologram that pops out while playing it. It features the Millennium Falcon on one disc and a TIE fighter on the other one. I just wish I didn’t feel like crying every time I play this soundtrack. That Torn Apart theme :'(.
JuneFavorite_Star Wars VinylSherry Gelatin

This one might seem like it doesn’t go with the others… but I had to share it. I tried sherry (like the wine) gelatin for the first time. And it was delicious. Even though I make fun of my boyfriend telling him it tastes just like grape jell-o, it doesn’t. OK, it is VERY similar to grape jell-o but the flavor is stronger and less ‘artificial’. It tastes like natural grape juice. I think it might be difficult to find outside Spain and Mexico, but if you ever get the chance, EAT IT. (You could also find it by its Spanish name: Jerez).

June was a great month! Thank you so much for reading! I would like to propose a toast with sherry gelatin, for another great month of blogging and pretty things.

What was your favorite thing this month? 🙂

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  1. Esumike (@mikemuse)

    That lil comic looks so cute, you got a cool June :D. One of my favorite things last month was when I adopted Marcus, the cactus!

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