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Failing my 2017 reading challenge. (But joining another one because there’s still hope)

So, I had a self-imposed reading challenge of fifty books for 2017. Nothing too crazy, right? Well, not too crazy if you are ACTUALLY able to stick to one book until you finish it. That's not me though. I pick books like a kid picks candy. I get the book, unwrap it, lick it... but if a new, sweeter book comes into my hands, I'll go lick that one too. (Is that a disgusting enough simile?) Anyway, that's why I always end up with a bookshelf full of half-read books that I'll probably have to restart someday because the details are getting fuzzy. If I tried really hard I might be able to finish the sixteen books I'm missing to complete the challenge. Or... I COULD DITCH IT and join a new, super cute challenge I found! I think I'll go with that option. I'll let 2018 be the year I learn how to stick to books and stop licking new candy recklessly.