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Overwatch Inspired Outfits (Part 2)

It’s time for a second round of Overwatch Inspired Outfits. This time featuring Symmetra, Widowmaker, D.Va and Zarya! How would these women look in their everyday life?

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Following my previous post on Overwatch Inspired Outfits and the reasons I like cool videogame characters, I present you now the rest of the girls in the gang. This time featuring my least and most favorite characters.


Symmetra is an architect and hates disorder so I pictured her outfit as something simple and elegant. The kurta brings the Indian vibe that I got from her light-bending suit and the kaftan adds golden details for a more formal look. Turquoise earrings and nail polish complete Symmetra’s color scheme. I had a hard time picking shoes to go with this outfit, but finally went with these cute pointy flats. Do you think she would wear high heels?

Overwatch Symmetra Inspired Outfit


This one was a difficult outfit to put together. I guess because I can’t truly understand Widowmaker’s personality. At the end I chose this low-neck top and started adding other items from there. Some red shades, a purple bodycon skirt and spider jewelry (that’s a diamond spider necklace and I can’t picture anyone else rocking it so hard). To complete the outfit I added a dark pink purse to carry all the Advil she must be taking (-after having her spine like that all day-).

Overwatch Widowmaker Inspired Outfit


D.Va is my favorite Overwatch character. She’s a professional gamer, a teenager and likes bunnies. I can’t think of a better prompt to make an outfit. Having a lot of gamer friends I have a very good idea of the standard gamer outfit: t-shirt, jeans and sneakers. I also added a bunny backpack where D.Va would carry her gaming gear. I guess she would wear an easy and comfortable outfit but very cute at the same time. Look at that sweatshirt!

Overwatch D.Va Inspired Outfit


I have to admit that Zarya’s design didn’t look interesting to me. I went to check her bio and basically only said that she was a bodybuilder before Overwatch. Her voice lines are not that expressive either. I considered her the most boring videogame character, but I still tried to create an outfit for her. And I think I really like the results. I mean, she’s really stoic but at the same time dyes her hair pink. That gave me the prompt to create an outfit for a reserved girl that spends most of her time at the gym and likes to look cute.

Overwatch Zarya Inspired Outfit


You can also check the outfits on Polyvore if you want more info 🙂 Do you agree with my outfit decisions? Would you pick something different? Let me know in the comments!


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  1. Whitney

    You hit the nail on the head with these! I need to go check out part 1 because I’m dying to know what you picked for Mei!

  2. Nyanla la geekette

    I am not really into Overwatch, but I sure love your outfit ideas! Lovely blog theme, by the way 🙂

  3. Sadie

    No Tracer? 🙁
    I would wear all of these though!

  4. Tonya K

    Pretty sure I am in dire need of that “Girls just wanna have guns” tank.

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