being an introvert embracing it (3)

On being an introvert and embracing it

There are times in the life of an introvert when peer pressure gets harder to deal with. For some, this might mean adopting new habits and developing sociability traits. For others it will create an inner dilemma: you either become an extrovert or keep on being an introvert and embrace it.

Best houseplants to clean indoor air

You may have heard of the Sick Building Syndrome (SBS) or as I like to call it, the I Haven't Left The House In Two Weeks Because I'm On Vacation Syndrome (IHLTHITWBIOVS). That's the name of the 'unexplained' discomfort and health issues that come from being confined to a closed, poorly ventilated space for a long period of time. That feeling of desperately wanting to go out for fresh air... Well, some years ago (around 1989) NASA found a way to combat these side effects of house hibernation with simple houseplants. Here I compiled a list of the best air cleaning plants that are also pet friendly!
Best houseplants to clean air