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The book that made me love reading

or Why I Tell People My First Book Was Harry Potter, Even Though It Wasn't. (P.S. There's a Giveaway at the end of this post). In fifth grade - when I was around 10 years old - the teacher asked us to read a book with more than a hundred pages, so we could write…

How to start reading books

Most of my acquaintances know that I love reading. So, every once in a while someone comes to me telling me they would like to start reading books. And asking for beginner recommendations.

That's honestly one of the most difficult questions I've been asked.

What do you recommend to someone who has no previous experience with books? What if they don't like the book you chose and decide to quit reading forever because of that? 

I know, whenever the question comes, that the future of the person who asked lies in my hands. And I know there are people out there asking o being asked this same question.

That's why I'm sharing my most helpful tips on how to start reading books. From the beginning.

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