Bookish Cross-stitch: Bilbo Baggins

I adopted cross-stitch as a hobby because I’m sure I’m an old lady inside and thought I might like it. Of course I did!

But soon enough I discovered that this was not an old lady activity at all. Cross-stitching is so fun and relaxing, and a great way to display pixel art around the house!

Once I started looking at it this way, I knew I had to make a piece inspired by one of my favorite books. And that's how I came with this pattern of Bilbo Baggins (the greatest little hobbit of them all).the-hobbit-cross-stitch-finished-1

DIY Tassel Bookmarks

If there's something a bookworm can't have too much of - apart from books - that's bookmarks. They make it so easy to read multiple books at the same time, jumping between them and instantly continuing were you left. They also make cute handmade gifts! That's why I'm sharing this easy DIY tassel bookmarks tutorial to make at home :)

DIY Wall Decoration Butterflies

My computer desk is facing a wall, which means I find myself staring at it countless times during the day. I wanted to decorate it with something cute but without using nails... And the answer came to me in the shape of a block of construction paper. I finished this project after two hours -of feeling back in kindergarten-, going from a boring white wall to a kinda chic and cute space. I decided to share this DIY wall decoration project with you because it was honestly so easy! I hope you find it inspiring :)

Harry Potter Nail Art: Gryffindor

Hi! I've wanted to make a Harry Potter nail art design since I started to grow my nails. This is the first time I try doing nail art on my own and it was actually very easy :). Featuring my Hogwarts house, Gryffindor. I hope this easy tutorial inspires you to try a Harry Potter nail style too!