I found the perfect way to write a blog post while also procrastinating most of my morning. Yay for beating Mondays! What did I do? Oh, just made a list of my favorite webcomics, and the ones I've been meaning to read, and spent some hours going through their websites. So, if you guys would…

An e.e.cummings poem

Why is it that our favorite things are always the things that introduced us to things? Okay, let me explain it better. I have watched most of Studio Ghibli's movies and I like all of them, but my favorite is Ponyo (the first one I watched). I have also watched a bunch of K-dramas, but the one with the biggest place in my heart is the one that started my obsession, Boys Over Flowers. And so on with a lot of things.


If you are a seasonal reader like me, you probably are looking for a Christmas-y book, full of winter, polar bears and snow... Well, here's are my top 5 books for Christmas :D! If you want to read an illustrated children's book: I just got The Polar Express because I had never read it before.…