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Home Decor

DIY Butterfly wall art

DIY Wall Decoration Butterflies

My computer desk is facing a wall, which means I find myself staring at it countless times during the day. I wanted to decorate it with something cute but without using nails... And the answer came to me in the shape of a block of construction paper. I finished this project after two hours -of feeling back in kindergarten-, going from a boring white wall to a kinda chic and cute space. I decided to share this DIY wall decoration project with you because it was honestly so easy! I hope you find it inspiring :)

Best houseplants to clean indoor air

You may have heard of the Sick Building Syndrome (SBS) or as I like to call it, the I Haven't Left The House In Two Weeks Because I'm On Vacation Syndrome (IHLTHITWBIOVS). That's the name of the 'unexplained' discomfort and health issues that come from being confined to a closed, poorly ventilated space for a long period of time. That feeling of desperately wanting to go out for fresh air... Well, some years ago (around 1989) NASA found a way to combat these side effects of house hibernation with simple houseplants. Here I compiled a list of the best air cleaning plants that are also pet friendly!
Best houseplants to clean air