Valentine’s Day Harry Potter Cookies

Did anyone say Valentine's Day Harry Potter Cookies? I wanted to take the "You're a keeper" line and put it into heart shaped cookies, because I can somehow imagine the girls at Hogwarts doing the same thing. There's no Amortentia in my recipe though, only butter sugar and vanilla. And a bit of lemon zest…

I made Game of Thrones Direwolf Bread

Are guys more prone to eat bread in the colder months, or am I just out of control? Either way, I've been baking a lot of treats lately which helped me realize something of significance for you and me: any combination of wholewheat flour, butter and honey is guaranteed to provide mouthwatering results. That's why I practically ran to the kitchen when my friend Mikaella sent me this book in the mail. (Thank you so much, Mika!) So, A Game of Scones by Jammy Lannister is a parody book with mostly silly recipes to make fun of Game of Thrones characters. But even though most recipes look AWFUL (looking at you, Oberyn's Smashing Surprise - SEASON 4 SPOILERS!!), they're actually well explained and seem good enough to eat. And when I got to the page with the Direwolf Bread, I knew I HAD to make it.